2012 History Expo

March 3-4, 2012

Following the tremendous success of the first SFMHS History Expo, held in February of 2011, we did it again: Saturday and Sunday, March 3 and 4, at the Old Mint.

Participating Organizations

Thirty-seven organizations participated in the 2012 San Francisco History Expo.


Saturday, March 3

11:15 AM to 12 Noon — Woody LaBounty: Carville-By-The-Sea, San Francisco’s Streetcar Suburb

12:15 to 1 PM — Mike Phipps: Cable Car Operations in the Late 19th and early 20th Centuries

1:15 to 2 PM — Chinese Historical Society of America artist-in-residence Charlie Chin: Dr. Sun Yat-Sen and the Three People’s Principles

2:15 to 3 PM — Mark Kessler: Elegant Pit Stops

3 to 4 PM — Authors’ Forum: Bill McGrane, Tricia O’Brien, Grant Ute, and John Ralston

Sunday, March 4

11:15 AM to 12 Noon — Walt Bilofsky and Anne Schnoehelen: Treasure Island — The Magic City, Past and Future

12:15 to 1 PM — National Japanese American Historical Society: World War II Congressional Gold Medal Recipients

1:15 to 2 PM — Ruth Gottstein, 89 year old daughter of Coit Tower muralist Bernard Zakheim: Creation of the Murals

3:15 to 4 PM — Michael Castleman: Grace Under Fire

Exhibit - Elegant Pit Stops

For many of us, a commercial garage conjures up an image of a concrete box with roll-up doors and ramps. However the exhibit, “Elegant Pit Stops: The Historicist Garages of San Francisco,” demonstrates that the early 20th century garage was a more gracious building, offering a composed and ornamented façade to the street. The show, based on the research of UC Davis Professor Mark Kessler, features photographs of garages shot by local photographer Sharon Risedorph as well as several archival images and will be on display at the March 3-4 History Expo at the Old Mint.

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